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We’ve perfected a better way to deliver our client’s luxury home. Whether it’s a renovation or new build, your experience with Livello will be seamless, well informed and leave you in full control of the budget. With Livello transparency is the foundation of our business success — delivering unparalleled quality while providing you with every material receipt, sub trade invoice and account for every hour of our time along the way. At any stage of your project you’ll see exactly where the project budget is and understand the impact of every decision you make.

The Livello Promise

  1. We act as your personal agent and advocate for your best interest

  2. We champion best practices — engaging certified tradespeople and executing innovative solutions to deliver exactly what’s designed

  3. We guarantee complete transparency with our time, materials and trades fees

We believe in the value of a promise, the importance of a handshake, and the power of our proven building process.

Michael K. Giles (403) 560 3700

When I was 15 years old I started my first business making custom furniture. What I learned through the experience influenced me more than I had expected. I took pride in seeing a piece of furniture move from the planning stages to completion. After completing university, I got away from the furniture business and started a business in the technology industry based in Calgary, Alberta. After 15 years of working in the industry I wanted to return to what I was truly passionate about, working with my hands and creating quality projects. Livello gives me the opportunity to work with people, not businesses and to be hands-on with our clients.

Michael J. Royer (403) 617 2712

Growing up I saw my father build and renovate a number of different homes for our family and it sparked an early interest in design and architecture. After I completed my degree in architecture, I spent many years working on commercial design projects but always felt very strongly about returning to residential design. Livello allows me to work closely with families to help them achieve their dreams. It gives me a great sense of pride to know that we’ve been able to push the limits of design and build something that others couldn’t. Seeing a project come to life after all the planning and knowing what went into each aspect of the project is why I do what I do.

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We believe that the contracting experience should be memorable and enjoyable, and that begins with our initial meeting.

We won’t ask you to come to a showroom or office; we’ll come to your home, see your space and discuss our process with you.

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